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“I am from Geelong Victoria and Farmers Harvest Marcus Hill did a special order of your canned sardines for me. Honesty I've been eating sardines for years and I've never tasted any as good as these they are the best sardines EVER!!!! 10 OUT OF 10. SOOOO GOOD I ate one entire can by myself. Even better they are caught and packed in Australia.”

- Lyn Cramer

“Oh I love your sardines! I have been crazy about sardines for a long time and yours are so good. I have been buying another brand but they come from overseas and I am thrilled to buy such amazing Australian sardines with beautiful flavours and just the right of oil and salt - you have really nailed it!! Thank you so much. Best wishes and yummm!”

- Lesley

“I just bought your marinated sardines from our local Woolies, and they are amazing!! Remind me of my former mother in law’s home preserved ones!! I couldn’t wait to try them - and enjoyed them very much!”

- Cathy

“Their products are fabulous. I much prefer them to the imported competition. Perfect on toast! Tasty and healthy. And Australian caught, and made in Australia. Full of flavour and nice to eat. Not mushy. The Sardines, wild Australian salmon (totally different to Atlantic salmon) and tuna are nothing short of amazing!”

- John

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