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Pepperberry Sardine Pate

Back in the 20th century No Country Woman Association function was complete without a fish paste sandwich. Those Country Women knew the nutritional and convenience value of sardines made them absolutely winners, even if guests thought they “didn’t like fishy fish”. By cleverly combining fresh, local ingredients that bring out the best in the fish and look just gorgeous as a garnish, everyone can create a delicious canape with fish pate. However, not all brands infuse native Australian Pepperberry leaf with plump, West Australian sardines and virgin olive oil to ring the changes and leave your guests wondering what the secret ingredient might by and why (some of them) thought they didn’t like “fishy fish”

This recipe leans on Australian-Italian flavours and ingredients and is packed full of healthy fats.



  • 1 can of Mendolia Seafoods 100% Australian Sardines in with native pepperberry leaf in virgin olive oil, drained

  • (reserve the oil and liquid and whizz it through your next spaghetti super or as a salad dressing with wine vinegar or orange juice.)

  • Zest and juice of one lemon

  • 1 clove of garlic minced

  • 50g of black olives, stones removed

  • 1 small red or green chili sliced

  • 50 of chopped parsley – we used the stalks for the recipe and the leaves for garnish.

  • 50g of walnut halves.

  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Parsley, ribbons of cucumber and any of the ingredients that would make the canapes POP!

To serve

  • Crackers, crostini or even toast to serve.


  • Stick blender

  • Large bowl or sturdy jug

  • Sharp knife and chopping board

  • Two teaspoons

Serving Information

  • ​Serves: Up to 8 as a canape

  • Preparation time 5 minutes, 15 minutes chilling, 7 minutes to serve

  • Dairy Free, meat free, gluten free, low carb.


  1. Work out what you would like to use to garnish the finished canapes and then put everything else to a jug or bowl and blend – as fine or as coarse as you like. The pate should be fairly dry and not at all runny. If you have gone too far you could add breadcrumbs until the texture firms up

  2. Cover and chill for 15 minutes while you assemble your crackers or crostini, best serving dishes, two teaspoons and the garnishes.

  3. When you are ready, dip one teaspoon in to the pate and use the other to cover it and smooth down the top surface. Flip the teaspoons over so the bottom one is on the top. Use the bottom teaspoon to scrape off the smooth pate shape and arrange on your cracker. In case you didn’t know, you just made a Quenelle. Good job.

  4. Garnish and serve.

Meet the Author: Susanna Morley-Wong

Food Technologist

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